Sultry Eyes Lash Studio | About
Sultry Eyes Lash Studio is comprised of a team of highly trained lash artists and cosmetologists. Certified in Xtreme Lashes Eyelash Extensions.
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Our Mission

To Beautify: The goal is to make our clients look natural and beautiful.

To ensure that every person that walks in to Sultry Eyes Lash Studio is treated as the unique individual that they are. Bring our need to heal into the world of beauty through lashes but through much more than that. Reach perfection through each lash and deliver complete costumer satisfaction. Make Sultry Eyes Lash Studio a healing place of beautification and relaxation where clients escape the busyness of life and center themselves. Our mantra is that we will work with and create only positive energy. As important as our work ethic is our unfaltering promise to utilize only the best products and those that reflect our legitimate purpose to deliver true quality.

ALEXANDRA CAIOLA – Master Stylist/Owner

Alexandra was born in Argentina and raised in Peru and Miami.​ During and after High School her focus was in Visual Arts. After completing her 3rd year in New World School of Arts she decided that she wanted to do something that was helpful to society and turned her focus to an area that had captured her curiosity, Alternative Health Care.​​​​ Alexandra completed Massage and Acupuncture Degrees at Acupuncture and Massage College in 2000 and 2003 respectively.​  While studying Natural Health Care she got involved in Tai Chi and Yoga. She took 2 Yoga Teacher Trainings and taught for the next few years before opening her own wellness center, Qi Balance Wellness Center, neighboring her brother’s hair studio, Gustavo Briand Hair Studio. 


Alexandra had envisioned this, a place where Natural and organic beauty services would also be offered, aside from Acupuncture, massage, reiki and private yoga classes. This led her to study Aesthetics and during this time​ she came across Xtreme Lashes and decided to take a course. It was love at first sight! And the first time she felt that  all of her skills and gifts blended to shine to the same importance. About a year and a half later, Qi Balance Wellness Center became Sultry Eyes Lash Studio,  the first Lash Studio in Miami and Miami Beach.  The first place to focus on eye beauty  and to enhance each individual’s own beauty. Alexandra is also an National Certified Xtreme Lashes Trainer, one out of 20 elite ladies.


Timi was born and raised in Budapest, Hungary. Fascinated with food and the art of cooking, at the young age of fourteen, she began studying at a Culinary school in Hungary. She came to the United States in 2004 and opened her own European deli here in South Beach, but she always had a passion for the beauty world. So, after five years of running her business, she finally decided to pursue a lash career in the beauty industry.


She first studied with Brite Spa Academy for her classic eyelash extensions training and certification and fell in love with the art of lashes. Excited to advance her skills in the lash industry, she went back to Budapest, Hungary to learn and be certified in volume lash application from Lash & Lashes. At Lash & Lashes, Timi was given the opportunity to learn from European Eyelash Champion, Katalin Kopacz. She came back to the United States and studied at Sunlashes to further her education in Russian volume lashes.


Timi is a wonderful addition to our Sultry Team. She is friendly and very passionate about her work at Sultry Eyes Lash Studio and in the beauty industry.



Gaby grew up in Washington DC and later on moved to NYC to study marketing. After a few years of doing brand development within the beauty industry, Gaby decided to follow her love for all things in beauty and become an Aethetician. She moved to Miami and graduated from the Florida College of Natural Health’s Medical Skincare program.


Although she started out in mainly facials and skincare, doing lashes became a fast favorite. “I love the process and seeing the difference lashes can make in looking and feeling more beautiful!” says Gaby. Gaby was initially a client at Sultry Eyes Lash Studio. She used to come and have her brows shaped by Alexandra, but when we learned she was interested in lashes and that she had graduated from Beauty School, we had to bring her in our team as soon as possible, as we were already familiar with her professionalism and charismatic personality.


Marielle is Sultry Eyes’ Office Manager. She was born in Cotabato City, Philippines and raised in Miami Beach, Florida. Currently attending Florida International University (FIU), she is working towards a career in mathematics and finance. She has been a part of the Sultry Team since early 2013 and is always delighted to help women look and feel beautiful everyday with the services offered.


In addition, Marielle is also very involved with arts and music, as she has been a cellist since she was 7. As a side job, Marielle also enjoys tutoring in math. Some of her other hobbies include exercising, shopping, teaching children how to play music, and baking and designing cakes. 


Marielle is very friendly and upbeat and is always available to assist our clients in any way needed. Being part of the Sultry team has opened her eyes to the world of beauty and passion and she looks forward to continue being a part of the Sultry Eyes Lash Studio experience.


JENNIFER FANDO – Administrative Assistant

Jennifer is Sultry Eyes’ Administrative Assistant. She was born and raised in Miami, Florida. She is currently attending Florida International University (FIU), working towards a career in Communication & Broadcasting. She loves anything and everything involving the entertainment/music/beauty industry and enjoys assisting others in any way she can. Jennifer joined the Sultry Team in early 2017 and since then has been a great addition to our studio. 


Jennifer is friendly and charming and is always available to assist our clients in any way needed. Being part of the Sultry team has opened her eyes to the world of beauty and passion and she looks forward to continue being a part of the Sultry Eyes Lash Studio experience.